Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wallingford Garden Tour

Last weekend the three of us went on the Wallingford Garden Tour. Out of all the neighborhood tours, this is definitely my favorite. Those Wallingford folks are not afraid to show their personal style. Check out the glass wall in the above picture. Isn't that the coolest? It really sparkled in the sun. I want to make one of those! It's always so fun to see both the variety and also just how much you can pack into a small city lot garden. 

I love the way these veggie beds are framed with brick. So charming.

Here's our youngest garden tour-er.

This garden really follows the 'show no dirt' modo. This rockery was absolutely packed with plants. The picture doesn't do it justice. I love how they've incorporated a large potted maple into the mix. Pots almost always look great in a garden.

This is an iris. I'd never seen one quite like it before and then I realized it must be the 'in' plant because several of the gardens had them.

Only in Wallingford would somebody have a garden dedicated to cactus. Truly amazing! So where do they put these things in the winter? ....

In this enormous greenhouse. Turns out it's quite a process to get them in and out every season. And it's a very stickery job.

This guy has two eyes.

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  1. gorgeous photos—inspiring! great idea with the bricks... we have a few to work with ourselves.