Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kathy Peloza's Garden

I could have barely identified a tulip when I met Matt's mom, Kathy. When we bought our house back in 2002 she came to survey the yard and told us what was worth keeping and what wasn't. She gave us a lot of suggestions as to what would do well in different parts of the garden and the more she talked about plants, the more interested I became. Kathy is the one I credit for turning me into the plant junkie I am today.

I wanted to share pictures from their garden which they've been tending to for over 40 years. It truly is an oasis and was the source of inspiration for our garden.

Crocosmia steals the show in their garden this time of the year. I call it 'firecracker flowers' because it's always blooming by the 4th of July and is a fireworks display in it's own right.

This year Ray built an extra wide, extra deep flower box and the flowers are going crazy will all the extra room and good dirt. I think this is one of the most abundant flower boxes I've seen.

The front of the house is the perfect place to grow tomatoes and green beans which love the full sun and being right up against the warm bricks.

The hillside in the back yard provides privacy and a great view from the top of the stairs. They have terraced the top of the hill and filled it will all kinds of fruit trees. Kathy loves to can fruit and we especially love eating her homemade applesauce in the dead of winter.

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  1. Wow, I can see how that would be inspiring! Or intimidating... amazing. Love how the beans at first glance look a little like ivy on the bricks, only much more benevolent (and tasty). Very cool!