Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Garden Shake Up

Side view of Willow gazebo
Front view of Willow gazebo
The yard has gone into a complete tail spin with the addition of my latest impulse buy: a willow gazebo. This meant transplanting one large cypress (Blue Ice) and replacing it with 3 smaller, skinnier ones which should create a nice evergreen backdrop. I also had to clear out a bunch of plants to make space for the 6'x6' footprint. The vision is to build a small hexagon deck so that it sits a couple steps up from the garden. Once the lattice roof, vines and lights are in place it should be a nice, shady spot to sit; just enough room for two chairs. 
Rock wall extension planted with Variegated Iris and Black Mondo Grass
Another revamp was extending the rock wall to span more the West planter bed which was like working a puzzle of large, heavy rocks. Finally, after a dozen different configurations, I achieved a nice, flat top. In front of the wall, I've planted Variegated Iris and black Mondo Grass. Mondo Grass is a tricky plant to work with as it easily disappears unless set off just right by another contrasting plant.

Clematis 'Snowdrift' is just starting to bloom
View of West bed above rock wall

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